Fatigue Management

Many people suffer from tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue, believing that this is a state of normality and can't be changed. This service gives you an insight to break this myth. Would you like to experience more energy and feel more uplifted, then this service could help you.

We aim to address a variety of causes that impact on your fatigue and try to unravel these causes in a step by step approach which make it easier to manage and to potentially resolve. This will give you the ability to do the activities that are meaningful to your life without worrying about the consequences.


Yoga can be used to address physical problems and used as a general fitness activity but it can also be used for total well-being addressing emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual awareness; Orchid provides both.
1:1 sessions can be designed specifically for the individual. It can be purely using the postures and breath for your needs or can go into a deeper knowledge and understanding of yoga.
Alignment addresses aches and pains and builds strength and fluidity of movement which allows the body and then the mind to be in a state of ease. Meditative techniques and breath work (Pranayama) can help anxiety, stress, fatigue and sleep issues. A deeper knowledge can aid lifestyle changes enhancing well-being.

Myofascial Release

We have an Integrated Myofascial Release Therapist who can offer 60 minute or 90 minute sessions. Myofascial release addresses the  soft tissues in the body and treats aches and pains by releasing the restrictions from injuries, trauma, anxieties and poor posture. It aims to make the body more pliable again to allow more free flowing movement patterns.

It can also address the emotional and psychological effects of trauma/injury by a technique called unwinding. It involves a postural assessment to then target the areas that require releasing, specific to the individual and their needs.​

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a traditional technique used to stimulate the body through acupressure and hands on techniques which focus on the energy flow in the body and  uses facilitated Yoga postures to aid relaxation and well-being. The soft tissues and joints are opened up in a controlled fashion to allow freedom of movement. It can have a deep effect on physical and mental well-being often allowing the client to feel rejuvenated. Throughout the massage the client remains fully clothed.