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Sheryl Thomas

Sheryl had an episode of Labyrinthitis in 2011 with persistent dizziness and fatigue.

She was unable to work for nine months and during this time she was very limited in what she was able to do, overnight all her hobbies were no longer possible. She was unable to play hockey, work as a Physiotherapist, socialise with friends and family, read or even watch TV. Loud noise, busy environments, and any movement made her symptoms worse. 

She had an extended return to work which lasted many months. Even then the difficulty was not behind her. 

She was determined to return to her hobbies and pushed the boundaries. First thing on the list was a Sky Dive to celebrate, some may feel this was a little extreme (including her parents and consultant) but it was a way to prove to herself that nothing is impossible. 

Returning to playing hockey was difficult, initially just standing up to watch part of a game was exhausting and wiped her out for the rest of the day. Over the years she slowly returned to playing but it would take the rest of the weekend to recover and each week she doubted whether it was worth feeling awful as like she had set herself back a few years, it was possible for her to recover in time for Monday morning so it did not affect her full time job, as this had to be her priority (unfortunately such is life). 

It has taken her seven years to be able to train mid-week and be able to function in work the next day.